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Eve of the Internet of things into the large-scale development

On February 14, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the Internet of things "Twelve-Five" programme. The documents show that beginning of China's Internet industry has been based, industry chain and industry system in initial shape, applications continue to expand. At present, China's Internet security, electricity, transportation, logistics, medical care, environmental protection and other fields has been applied and application modes are becoming more mature. According to incomplete statistics, China 2010 Internet market size of nearly 200 billion yuan. Miit forecast in 2015, China Internet market will exceed 500 billion yuan, the next 5 year CAGR (compound annual growth rate) will be more than 30%. Analysys International (micro-blog) data shows that the 2010 Internet security, transportation, electric power and logistics market scale respectively 60 billion yuan, 30 billion yuan, 15 billion yuan and 28 billion yuan, by 2015 is expected to increase to 150 billion yuan, 100 billion yuan and 110 billion and 65 billion yuan.
Signs and projections indicate that Twelve-Five period will be the development of China's Internet of things by starting to enter the new stage of development. An important feature of this new phase, is the main driving force of the development of the Internet is no longer just rely on the Government to invest heavily, but rely more on marketing this "invisible hand", driving will become "Twelve-Five" theme in the development of the Internet of things.
Traceability of agricultural products will be the breakthrough
Today, almost feel insecure in food safety, 1th, in the middle of this year to agricultural science and technology and food safety put on a more prominent position, determined to break through institutional obstacles, significantly increasing investment in agricultural science and technology, promoting the leaping development of agricultural science and technology for agricultural production and farmers ' income and rural prosperity into a strong driving force. Traceability of agricultural products ' safety technology, research network construction technology and application of electronic identification and logistics of agricultural products bound for the Internet industry with a broad market space.
Livestock traceability management systems is a national "animal law" requirement, the central document first in agriculture are also proposed to establish a traceability system. RFID tag traceability traceability technology is an excellent programme of technical system. According to data released in 2009, the Ministry of agriculture animal husbandry in agriculture, China's annual slaughter of 700 million pigs and 500 million, 5 million cattle, and sheep, only pigs, cattle and sheep hanging ear tag will bring 1.3 billion RFID market, if livestock hang tag, would add 10 billion annually only RFID tag potential market demand. In "lean" events by CCTV last year, "staged" exposure of the party since the special rectification action carried out jointly by nine government departments such as the Ministry of agriculture, emphasis on source animals, breeding, buying traffic, slaughtering, processing, circulation 7 aspects of catering, import and export the whole regulation, and this is where RFID technology strengths.
Great business opportunity
For the emerging automobile industry, information from both inside and outside, both automobile production and sales of enterprise Informationization level, or through an automobile equipped with information systems for individual drivers to provide connectivity services, will be a great potential business opportunities in the Internet industry.
Forecasts show that 77.7 million vehicles in 2012 global auto sales, and the Chinese market will occupy the 17.9 million, growth rate of 16% of the automotive industry in every aspect of the whole industry chain need to sort out the information system. At present, IT has involved the whole industrial chain, auto companies to strengthen management, enhance competitiveness and expand capacity, enhanced research and development level, and an important means of enhancing operational efficiency and tool.
While in the car its in-vehicle information systems, 2012 will usher in a new stage of development. At this stage, more location based service applications or back-end data analysis will be introduced, to provide customers with a better driving experience, the third generation of on-board information system will be more mobile Internet, providing drivers with the true meaning of "Internet" experience.
Only in automobile industry chain including production and sales links and public transport management and the integration of different aspects of mobility Internet solution provider, and in the process collided in new business models, can say that true integration of LBS services, data analysis and mining, Internet, mobile Internet and cloud computing platforms.
Smart City-building trend-setting
The Beijing Municipal Government has announced that mobile Internet and Internet of things technologies will help communities quick intelligence. According to understand, Beijing will full advance intelligent service project in community public service and family in the of application, through in community public unified configuration Visual on told, and security monitoring, and week territories alarm, and electronic tour more, and integrated wiring, and concentrated copy table, and energy management, and parking management, and vehicles access identity confirmed, and IC card elevator control, and public broadcast, and property management, and community e-commerce, system, efforts achieved city intelligent of digital community full cover, full using real networking, technology, upgrade community intelligent of service management level , And a number of smart communities demonstration sites, allow them to live safer, happier.
The past couple of years all over the country to conduct construction of the smart city in microcosm. For nearly two years, local Governments profess to smart city concept of urban Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shenyang, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei, Chengdu, Ningbo, Wuxi, Kunshan, Fuyang, Kunming, shuangliu. Smarter cities includes traffic wisdom, wisdom, health, intelligent building, intelligent home appliances and other contents, these "intelligent" implementation is inseparable from the depth of the Internet of things technology applications.
Experts pointed out that future development of the Internet in China is the key to urban development focusing on the break through accelerating the construction and operation of Internet management, business model and industry development. Use "smart technology" building "smarter cities" to resolve urban management and services in the face of the challenges of effective means, and networking are important components of intelligence technology. Therefore, the IOT is seen as an important part of smart city, become an important part of construction.
Route of development from the Internet itself, take shape of the IOT industry increasingly depends on market demand and scale as new driving force, that is to say, the Internet of things is entering a new era of business value. In this new age, telecom operators not to be missed opportunity, should make full use of their network resources, to build an integrated platform and launch killer applications for the direction, becoming leader of the networking industry.