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The next decade will focus on logistics and system data

If the Internet leaves the Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba, China Internet hopes, China Internet economy is an empty word. How rich and multi-level economic ecosystem set up Ali, this is of most concern.
Earlier, mentioned him, it was said with a smile, the man from Mars. And he's really thinking ahead, focus with China's Internet today, mention him again, and someone will say, God are clouds, success was essential. He also earned himself the "Godfather of Chinese e-commerce," the honorary title;
He has said, to make our dreams into a reality, we must learn to leverage, standing on the shoulders of giants. In reality, he personally practicing the first dream, fight in the sea of the Internet, "under attack" and small and medium enterprises.
Despite the success, he has remained low-key, as their beloved Tai Chi, without diseases not xuzhong four deflected. From teenagers to mature business leaders had, he recalled his own entrepreneurial path with emotion: invincible invincible.
He is Jack Ma, Alibaba's Chairman. Recently, internal meeting, Ma said Alibaba platform to do and will not do "Empire". He pointed out that, in the past decade, Alibaba has conquered three big credit, payment and logistics of e-commerce. Today, the beginning of the new decade, Ali would attack "system, logistics, data" three new big mountains. (Gu)
Here is Ma video summaries of statements.
Various buy Miracle Network was born, far beyond our imagination. (As) Mercedes-Benz Smart, the Asia-Pacific region as a whole sold hundreds of cars a year, Taobao to buy last year, sold 205 3 hours 24 minutes; Expo United Kingdom Pavilion "seeds", two minutes sold 8,000 copies.
From Taobao, now the volume and number of transactions, I can proudly tell you that we are beyond Amazon, eBay, has become the world's largest shopping district. But it's not our achievements, it is benefiting the entire transformation of China's economic development, and benefit from the global trend of economic information from industrial civilization to civilization. Wikipedia economics, cloud computing, Internet of things, public platforms, SNS, SaaS, Web3.0, various new elements have formed the basis for China's entry into the information age.
The Chinese missed the industrial revolution on several occasions, but in front of the Internet economy, in particular e-commerce front, with developed countries is not much different from us. If we can seize the opportunities to catch up with?
Alibaba development today, ten years ago, we made the decision, and we are now doing, is going to do next year, ten years later what to do.
In the United States, e-commerce complement to the social economy, because the United States system of trade, finance, credit is very developed. But in China, electronic commerce could become the main infrastructure in the socio-economic development.
2010 online retail sales in China to about 2.86% per cent of the total retail sales of social commodities. In 2009, China, the United States, and Korea's data, respectively, and 1.9%, and 13%. My judgment is the future of China's network retail share can reach 15% per cent to 20%.
Today on the Internet economy has enormous strategic importance, so we never thought of myself as a e-commerce, we want to establish a basis for future business.
I told Wal-Mart Chairman Sam explored. Sam says, 50 years ago in the United States two or three cities a lot of malls, establish a storage system, urbanization, stimulated the United States domestic development. I think that China should move quickly to let two or three lines, three or four urban people to own a computer. There was a great need in three or four Chinese cities, to let the people enjoy the happiness and first-tier cities like shopping, pushed his way without the need to get together to first-tier cities.
I hope that ten years later, in any place, as long as people place orders online, up to eight hours can deliver the goods, a real rural urbanization. This requires the establishment of a truly 21st century modern logistics system.
For anyone on the Internet economy, are brand new models. We continue to innovate and problem solutions, including online credit system, and so on. No one hopes more than a system to do this. This is what Ali, who have been fighting for 11 years.
Alibaba 2009 ten anniversary, we set a goal for the next decade. We want to provide 10 million small businesses with a survival, growth, and development platform to create 100 million jobs around the world; a consumer platform for the 1 billion people.
In this objective, we had given up the idea of so-called business empire. Empire is that you either join me, or I will kill you. We never do Empire, but faithful followers of marketing ecosystem, to promote "opening, sharing, and collaboration".
I firmly believe that if the Internet leaves the Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba, China Internet hopes, China Internet economy is an empty word. How rich and multi-level economic ecosystem set up Ali, this is of most concern. The last decade, three big mountains is a credit of e-commerce, payment and logistics; the next ten years, the systems, logistics, data, we will move to the community to share our resources, encourage the establishment of common prosperity of the ecosystem.