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When the logistics and "cloud computing" communicating-container transportation

Chongqing Municipal Committee Huang qifan, apart from transport, also talked about the construction of information port. In Chongqing, following proposed to build Asia's largest notebook computer base, and proposes to build "cloud computing" data centers. "' Cloud computing ' and the notebook industry, opportunities are two of the things, are mutually reinforcing. "Huang qifan said.
Logistics and "cloud computing" in common
Huang qifan said: "If the traffic of what cloud computing mode of operation extremely simple. "
Engaged in transport logistics. Huang qifan, said, if there are millions of stores, each store has its own a small warehouse, themselves, money, cargo backlog and turnover is very slow. Thus, third party logistics, with large distribution centers, warehouses and transportation. Any one of the stores, over to warehousing, distribution and logistics, as long as directives, goods through distribution centers, on time and sent to the specified location.
Cloud computing and logistics have a ratio. It is because of cloud computing and wireless Internet access, laptop output from 160 million units, more than doubled to more than 300 million units some time ago. "Get a notebook, NetBook, lane 3G, through the cloud, what information is there. "Huang qifan said.
Context of the financial crisis, contracted anything, is precisely the computer up 1 time. "Chongqing people at this time, seized the opportunity. "Huang qifan said, we are not digging with a cheap cost coastal corner, Chongqing now make that 100 million computers, not digging the coastal is a computer, but new laptop orders took a bit of the world. In this opportunity, there is also a chance that "cloud" itself. "This is one thing the two opportunities, equivalent to the Palm of the hand and the back. "
Chongqing into a communications hub
Chongqing to build Asia's biggest notebook base. "This has been done, and is implemented in place of the problem in the future, will create hundreds of thousands of people in employment. "Huang qifan said that in the future, and also to build the largest cloud computing data centers.
Global outsourcing, outsourcing from Europe and Asia over the past more than 10 years is 1 million servers, in India, and Singapore, and Malaysia, and no one in China. The next 10 years, since the emergence of cloud computing, will be expanded to 10 million units.
"This is a new opportunity, we represent China to seize a single not looking and settled elsewhere. If this do, Chongqing will become the communications hub of the country. "Huang qifan said.
"This cloud, not every city in the world above, snap, is our. "Huang qifan said, because communication hub, once formed, is unlikely to repeat the construction, alteration," you caught, 10 years is for you. "Huang qifan said or is that sentence," leading the sweep ".