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Supporting services
China Railway Express provides express all aspects of support services, including door-to-door delivery, delivery, packing, to collect, collection service.
Pick up, delivery
According to customer's demand, we can go to the shipper the customer designated location the goods and after the arrival of the goods at destination, according to customer requirements to the customer designated location, customers stay at home to complete the entire transport process, convenient and hassle free.
Shipping customers do not have to pay the shipping to us carriers until the arrival of goods at destination by the consignee after customer pays the freight services.
Packaging, wooden frame set
Transport requirements and the customer, providing customers with packing, packing, braided belt, wood frame, set boxes and other packaging services.
Insurance services
We work with insurance companies, to provide customers with powerful risk protection, discharge the customer's worries.
Collecting payment
If shipment the customer will sell to customers, we can be recycled instead of shipping the customer to customer the purchase price and remit the payment within a specified time frame issue customer accounts.
Receipt return
If customer delivery when the cargo receipt is provided to us, we can be the consignee after acknowledgement will be shipped return receipt to the customer.